The Farquharson Institute of Public Affairs (FIPA)


Our Mandate

 FIPA, while maintaining a non-partisan, non-advocacy stance, acts as a key catalyst for positive change and prosperity in the Caribbean region. The attainment of meaningful goals in the area of public affairs is largely contingent on the quality of leadership and governance. Therefore, enabling improved leadership capabilities is the cornerstone of FIPA’s work. In this context, we drive excellence in leadership across the Caribbean  

What We Do

We hold conferences, engage in research and publishing activities, and perform other development activities to facilitate partnerships across specializations and organizations

 We facilitate the deliberate exchange and exploration of diverse viewpoints, information, and experiences related to the central leadership issues in three areas of focus: education & culture, commerce & industry and science & technology.  



Industry & Commerce

 The history of FIPA is rooted in Industry and Commerce, the lifeblood of every nation, contributing to employment and the improvement of living standards of Caribbean populations. In an effort to move the GDP needle, we welcome the discussion of all ideas and activities that can insert new life into this sector. We support sustainable industrial and commercial activity, and help to remove some of the hindrances that block this sector from realizing its potential. Under the banner of commerce and industry, we give special emphasis to e-commerce, sustainable manufacturing, export, tourism, employment, market based solutions to climate change, and human resource development for industry and commerce.

Education & Culture 

 One of FIPA’s goals is to help Caribbean nationals become the most capable and responsible citizens they can be.  Sound education practices highlight the ability to think analytically, critically and laterally, and help our people to work with others in a manner that helps to boost the socio-economic health of the society.  FIPA also focuses on education that reshapes the society to cope with urgent future requirements.  In this context, we seek to define what “learning” means to educators and students. FIPA is of the view that the critical questions that adolescent and adult students should regularly ask themselves include but are not limited to - the success of the methods that they are using to achieving their goals, how do they plan to become better thinkers, and how they are making their nation a better place.

Culture, namely the patterns of human activity, constitutes the invisible dynamic that unites and separates people: logically therefore, our core cultural values manifest themselves through our interactions with others. FIPA focuses on the respectful treatment of the elderly, children, the differently-abed, and the humane treatment of animals - in light with Cardinal Roger Mahony’s statement “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members -- the last, the least, the littlest."  FIPA also supports the development of the creative arts in recognition of their myriad benefits to individuals and society, particularly in view of their inspirational and unifying effects.

Science & Technology  

 Socio-economic development is linked to science and technology.  There are sufficient illustrations of nations, previously trapped in low economies, that are currently making economic ripples across the globe due to their deliberate emphasis on science and technology.  There is also strong evidence that nations with relatively small populations can not only focus on the creative arts and the social sciences, but also on advancement of agriculture, electronics, health care, and alternative energy. Under the mantle of science and technology, FIPA primarily addresses climate change, environmental management, resource management, nutrition, and food security.  FIPA assesses ideas on the optimum ways to inspire specialists in science and technology to create new pathways for development, foster innovation and protect our food supplies in the event of natural disasters. 

FIPA continues to act as a catalyst for policy and programme change by creating solution-focused interactions among professionals.  



Maintaining a Strong Vision 

Transformational leadership requires the maintenance of a strong, compelling vision, integrating current reality with the best that the future is able to offer.  To realize our vision, we continually strengthen our learning organization to (a) remain updated on salient evidence-based research that informs our areas of focus (b) refine our strategies and processes, (c) reflect deeply on our successes and challenges, and (d) promote healthy collaboration among the members of our leadership teams. 


Building Bridges  

 By building bridges, we positively change the lives of our regional and global compatriots. To develop the level of participation required to achieve our goals, we demonstrate a keen awareness of multicultural dynamics that operate within the region, respecting the values, customs and traditions of diverse groups. 


Practicing Accountability and Responsibility

 We hold ourselves to high organizational standards and seek to ensure that our financial information and operational processes meet integrity standards. We also organize resources in a manner that minimize waste, thus adhering to a key tenet of sustainable development. 


Creating Partnerships 

 We seek and treasure partnerships within the Caribbean region that help us to achieve our goals. We also develop partnerships beyond regional borders, recognizing that many of the issues experienced in the region are present around the globe, and can guide our strategies.


Monitoring and Evaluation 

We monitor and evaluate our projects continually to (a) ensure that we are providing the best information and education, (b) update our stakeholders on the progress of our projects and (c) support our internal planning activities. We also strongly promote and encourage participatory monitoring and evaluation.

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