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December 19, 1917

Inception Date

Over 120

Number of Publications

15 nations and counting....

Global Membership

The Writing Awards





From a world famous child psychiatrist who is a professor at Yale University - to a Modern Language Specialist at the Beijing University of Technology - to a young girl from the Republic of the Seychelles who wrote a beautiful, compelling story about the need to protect the environment - these were among FIPA's Centennial Outstanding Writing Awardees. 

The writing awards function was held in the Ramson Room at the Regional Headquarters of the University of the West Indies.  Everything sparkled with elegance and loveliness, with relaxing music greeting the guests. For those who came early enough, outside of the large beautifully designed window there was an evening scene of thick trees looking fully nourished by the rains that had fallen earlier that week. 





The uncommonness of the function was already marked when The Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Stephen Delapenha came out to perform his duties with a broken shoulder.

Sir Kenneth Hall gave the opening speech.  The speech will be placed on the website in June.  

Among important awardees were: 

  • Professor Denis Benn, former UN Director 
  • Dr. Michael Bucknor, Head, Department Literatures in English
  • Professor Maurice Elias, Rutgers University 
  • Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee, Head of the Mona GeoInformatics Institute 
  • Professor Emeritus Edmund W Gordon of Yale University and Columbia University
  • Professor Emeritus Cecille Harriott, University of Calgary
  • Mrs. Emma Caroline Lewis, famous blogger and author
  • Professor Paulette Ramsay, Head of Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, University of the West Indies
  • Professor Arnoldo Ventura, former UN Chairman for the Science and Technology Commission 





 The main speaker was Professor Paulette Ramsay, who spoke compellingly on selfhood, womanhood and dignity.  A resounding applause greeted her as she finished her address.

Other speakers were Hon. RNA Henriques, Trustee, who touched on the amazing history of FIPA. Oran Hall, General Secretary, outlined some of FIPA’s publications. Dr. Angela Ramsay, President, spoke of FIPA’s future in the three areas of its mandate: science & technology, industry & commerce and education & culture.  

Dr. Ramsay also praised Mrs. Karan Delapenha, FIPA’s Treasurer, for her ‘more than sterling’ work in addressing a challenging nine-year-audit which was recently completed. 

Guests spoke highly of the function. Part of their enjoyment was the violinist who played at one of the breaks. It was indeed a lovely and elegant affair!